Body therapy training at Balance2Perform

Body Therapy Training

Are you interested in helping people feel better in body and mind?

Then Balance2Perform's body therapy training might be just the thing for you. Our 2-year training is designed to give you the tools you need to help people improve their overall wellbeing through body therapy.

Learn about different techniques

You will learn various techniques that can help clients improve their health and well-being, such as:

  • Massage
    One of the techniques in Balance2Perform's body therapy training is massage, which reduces tension and increases blood circulation. Massage can help athletes and others with the pain associated with trigger points. You will learn how to adapt massage to each client and their specific needs.
  • Pulsation
    As part of the body therapy training, you will also gain experience with techniques of pulsation. Pulsation is a technique where you use your hands to make small, rapid movements on your body to increase blood circulation and release tension.
  • Acupressure
    Acupressure is a technique that involves pressing on specific points on the body to reduce pain. You will learn how to apply acupressure in your practice as a body therapist to help clients relieve pain and improve their well-being.
  • Breathing exercises
    Working with the breath is another important part of Balance2Perform's body therapy training. You will learn different breathing techniques that can help clients achieve balance between body and mind and help reduce tension in the body. Reducing tension can reduce stress.

Optimal diet for body therapy treatments

Diet has a big impact on our physical and mental well-being and energy levels.

During Balance2Perform's body therapy training you will therefore also work with knowledge about diet and nutrition.

You will learn how diet can affect the body's functions and how this knowledge can be applied to clients, including specific dietary advice.

Diet has a direct influence on the health of the body and can affect a person in terms of under- and overweight, energy levels, pain, inflammation and not least mental health problems.

You will be equipped to guide clients on fasting and detox as a tool to improve health and create well-being.

Training and movement

As part of Balance2Perform's body therapy training, we go through exercise and movement.

You will learn the importance of exercise and movement on the body, and how to apply specific techniques and exercise to the treatment of clients.

You will also learn how these specific training techniques and exercises can help the client achieve better health and well-being.

After our 2-year training as a body therapist, it will also be possible to take a special training course.

Understanding anatomy and physiology, including the nervous system

Knowledge of anatomy and physiology, including the nervous system, is also an important part of our body therapy training.

The nervous system plays a key role in the body's functions and response to stress and pain. An understanding of the nervous system allows the body therapist to provide clients with more effective treatment because it allows the identification and treatment of the causes of the client's pain and problems.

This is fully in line with Balance2Perform's methods, because a Balance2Perform body therapist does not only treat symptoms.


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Intuition and empathy in good treatment

Intuition and empathy are important for a Balance2Perform body therapist to master. You will learn about how intuition and empathy help you understand the client and how to use that understanding to provide better treatment. The approach helps you as a therapist to discover and treat underlying causes of the client's pain and problems. You will develop the skills to understand the client at a deeper level so that you can better tailor the treatment, thereby increasing the effectiveness and quality of the treatment.

Experienced trainers and clinical practice

Our experienced trainers will guide you through our body therapy training and give you the personal attention you need to develop your skills. You will also have the opportunity to practice your skills through clinical practice with real clients.

Become part of the Balance2Perform family

By choosing Balance2Perform's body therapy training, you become part of a dedicated community of body therapists and students who share their knowledge and experience. You will also have access to our network of experienced body therapists who can provide you with advice and guidance in your career.

Get personal development and increased self-confidence

Our body therapy training isn't just focused on giving you the professional skills you need to be a great body therapist. It's also designed to give you personal development and increased confidence. You'll learn to master your own emotions and reactions, so you can be a calm and confident body therapist for your clients.

A career choice with a future

A body therapy education at Balance2Perform is a career choice with a future. Competent body therapists are in high demand, and people with a body therapy qualification work in many different places, as well as running their own clinics.

If you are interested in helping people achieve a better balance between body and mind, creating well-being and reducing conditions such as stress, then a body therapy training at Balance2Perform is the perfect choice for you. Take the first step towards an exciting career and enrol in our 2-year programme today.